About Us

About Us

Alex Robertson

The Principal, of Robertson Accounting. Alex Robertson has been in business over 25 year which gives him a unique insight into this industry.  He has grown his skills base and levels of expertise but still believes in good old fashioned service with his mantra results over technology! His passion is saving clients money and he works with clients both in Melbourne and as far afield as Queensland.

Alex Robertson has a unique knowledge and experience of not just tax accounting but has been involved from the ground up in starting businesses, ( and not just in an academic sense, or limited to only to an accounting firm).  He has run a number of types of businesses, furniture retail  & manufacturing, retail, clothing, motivational business, charitable institutions, Importing, to name a few  and as such knows what is needed by business owners from all types of industries!

CPA Qualified Alex takes an interest in your business and your financial position no matter how small or large you are or where you are starting from.

Robertson Accounting have a broad range of clients covering many industries from the Trades, Plumbers Electricians, Plasterers, Builders Car Washes, Cafes, Pump Manufactures, Training Organisations, Marketers to Cleaners and Architectural services to name a few.

Each type of business has its own requirements regarding tax and what is deductible what is not, and our experience means we can make sure you get the best outcome possible. An in-depth knowledge of these industries assists us in helping your business in tax related and business expansion matters.

Each individual has his own unique tax requirements and wealth creation needs. Robertson accounting has alliances with a number of Financial Planners to allow you a choice as to the best to suits you.

We can also provide proactive business coaching and consulting with proven systems used in over 19 countries and 16 different  languages used by such organization as Microsoft and PWC.

We offer lectures on specific topics  and in house training depending on what your business needs after a thorough analysis of your business.

With services that cover all types of budgets, your business can avail itself  of these proven systems and thus expand and  become more profitable.

So in short our aim is to offer you a tax solution which gives you a great return and, if required we will help you grow your business through our proven methods.