Accounting and Computer Systems

Accounting and Computer Systems

Accounting and computersIf you need some sort of a system or you need to upgrade! Where do you begin?

Choosing a package that suits your business is no light task despite the PR that it is easy to go with A or B.

All small to medium enterprise accounting packaged are moving to cloud-based options.

The thing to remember with any accounting system it is as good as the accuracy of the data that is put into it.

 You may have heard garbage in – garbage out with respect to computers. The same applies to any accounting package

We have had considerable experience in the identification of the package that best suits the client and their business.  We have implemented the package. Included in this is determining the chart of accounts and designing the financial reports. We also implement creditors, purchasing, sales, stock  systems. The training of staff and writing manuals for implementation is also a crucial part of this process.

This vast experience means we can tell you on what is the best solution for you and your business. Depending on the size and type of your business, for example, you may not need a Double Entry type accounting package.

Cloud-based packages enable anyone to access or input data from anywhere. They include easy access for your bookkeeper and  accountant. This of course will result in lower costs and more timely reporting. Some third-party programs exist that enable suppliers to transfer their invoices and upload to your own package. This eliminates the need for data input at your end.

They can be used on tablets or phones which then enables invoices or quotes to be done on site

There is considerable evolution in accounting packages. This results in reduced costs for the business and greater access.

In addition to these online packages “higher” level packages such as Pronto, Arrow and Attaché, Microsoft Dynamics may suit your business.

There are specific point of sale programs that can interface with existing accounting programs too.

If anyone tells you to go to a specific package without first reviewing or understanding your business they are doing you a disservice. The choice is vast and each with it’s own merits.

Friend or accountant recommendations play a significant role. As an accountant, I would always review what you need and see what package best fits you. This does not have to be a long and certainly not an expensive exercise. Just remember once you lock into a package it is difficult and time-consuming to change.

Don’t fall for the spiel of seamless transitions from one accounting package to another, it takes time and there is a learning curve!

So first

  1. Determine if there i.e. a need to change, don’t change just for the sake of it.
  2. Make a list of the main things you need out of your accounting package other than the basics which they all have.
  3. Review what is on offer- first beginning with the supplier you already have
  4. Make a decision based on its features ease of use and cost
  5. Don’t take advice from accountants that push the one package only. They usually have a vested interest in free software for them or other incentives and are not putting their clients needs first.

Call us now to discuss how you can have a cost effective accounting system that does not take up all your time and gives you and your bookkeeper the information that is needed to save you money at tax time!