Business Development

Business Development

Business DevelopmentDoing business is tough in Australia!

Finding customers, managing cash flow, managing staff, long hours, and stress for sometimes little or no reward.

Many businesses look to their accountant for advice for handling business problems but how many accountants have actually run businesses other that their own accounting practice or who are theoreticians with no practical experience?

We have over 30 year experience in and running bushiness and having been through recessions, financial crises, periods of rapid expansion and growth, with the problems of staff, getting the work done, handling the money, all the barriers that one runs into in business we have experienced.

Most accountants will tell you they have “tools” but these really boil down to some KPI”S (key performance indicators), or benchmarking that tell you’re not making enough money compared to others in your industry.

The strategies usually run like this: –  if you reduce your costs by x and increase your sales by x this will impact in the bottom line. Or some quick fad by the latest business guru marketing his book that seems like a good idea, or sign up to an   ineffective social media campaign without first doing some extensive homework to see what works in your business.

We have looked and tried many management and business solution and found most of them wanting as they give temporary band-aid fixes but do not go to the real underlying issues that need to be fixed in business and provide solutions and methods to get solid and consistent growth and expansion.

How do you increase your sales? What are the natural laws behind this?

How do you organize your business so you are doing less work, with more time  and less stress? Maximum output for minimum effort

How do you know what marketing strategies are going to be sure to work?

How can you determine exactly if your product or service will be in demand?

How do you know for sure not to hire a dud employee?

How can you manage your money to be certain of solvency, be financially stable and expansion without relying on your accountant?

How to get the most productivity out of your staff?

How can you be sure you goals are met through proper planning and strategies?

There are proven formulas for business success.

There are fundamentals to business success that need to be learned and applied

We sit down with you can carefully analyze your business in consultation with yourself and can implement proven programs in areas of the business

We can hold you hand and help sort out the confusions

As a start we offer free 100 question  business analysis questionnaire tells you a lot about your business, the real unknown barriers to expansion, that then can be used to open up real and permanent solutions.

Call us for a chat or contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.