Individual Returns

Individual Returns

Individual Tax ReturnsAt Robertson accounting we take pride maximizing refunds and getting the best results for individual tax payers

Many accounting firms solely concentrate on business returns – and leave individual returns to other accountancy firms as they deem them to be to much trouble with not enough cash in it for them.

Robertson Accounting welcomes individuals and their tax returns! We have a considerable background in preparing individual returns and have knowledge of all types of occupations and professions ensuring that no legitimate deduction is missed.

A key to maximizing returns is to ensure that all receipts and records are kept so that nothing is lost or forgotten, and expenses can be accurately quantified and verified. We find that many clients do themselves a disservice by not keeping receipts or records and as such either forget about the deduction – or can’t remember the amount or can’t prove it if the tax office conducts and audit.

We have comprehensive checklists that we use to ensure that no deduction is
missed and in addition to this we give you knowledge and advice on specific matters such as:

Claims for motor vehicles

Specific occupational claims

Claims for home office – which methods are acceptable to the Tax man

Claims for use of computer or internet – What the tax office needs for proof

Educational expenses

Rental Property

The tax office uses the word Nexus – meaning a direct connection.
However there are a list of exceptions and limitations such as for motor vehicles and some specific occupational claims.

We have comprehensive knowledge of the tax laws relevant to each occupation to ensure that you get what you are entitled to and we deliver the best outcome every time!